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Fix Auto UK has achieved a significant milestone in its goal of having every repair centre within the network PAS 2060 accredited - by securing the accreditation for all its wholly owned repair centres in a single exercise.  
With numerous sites within the network already gaining their PAS 2060 carbon neutral statuses, the team overseeing its portfolio of wholly and part-owned repair centres have successfully secured the status for the nine sites owned by the organisation.
The centres that have gained their PAS 2060 certificates are Fix Auto Barnsley, Fix Auto Colwyn Bay, Fix Auto Crawley, Fix Auto Castleford, Fix Auto Daventry, Fix Auto Henley-on-Thames, Fix Auto Liverpool South, Fix Auto Newport and Fix Auto Paignton.
Under the PAS 2060 assessment directions, Fix Auto Cheltenham which now falls under the umbrella of Fix Auto UK-owned sites after the network bought a majority share of the business in July this year, will have to wait until next summer before it can be assessed. Fix Auto Goole, the second repair centre that Fix Auto UK own a majority share of, is poised to embark on its PAS 2060 certification process.  
To achieve the goal, the network turned to Purchase Direct, its procurement and cost-reduction partner, who used its ‘Driving Net Zero’ programme for each of the nine sites. To complete the process, the company calculated carbon footprints for every application and then forged a bespoke management plan individually tailored to each site to reduce their carbon footprints.
Mark Hutchins, Operations Director for Fix Auto UK, said: “Operating a carbon neutral repair centre must be a goal of every repairer in the country. We are proud to say numerous Franchise Partners are already           PAS 2060 certified and are leading the way for the industry with numerous initiatives to ensure their carbon footprints are dramatically reduced year-on-year.
“We have invested significantly in our owned and part owned sites over the last couple of years, that investment has provided us with a springboard to gain PAS 2060 accreditations for each site. Thankfully, our close working relationship with Purchase Direct has ensured a relatively seamless process to achieve our goal.”
Joanne Hopkinson, Project Manager, Energy Services for Purchase Direct, added: “We are really pleased to be working with Fix Auto UK to help the network achieve and maintain carbon neutrality for their wholly owned sites. It sets a great precedent for the wider network, and we look forward to our ongoing work together to reduce their carbon impact in line with their current targets.”

Caption:  Full House… all nine repair centres wholly owned by Fix Auto UK have successfully gained their           PAS 2060 certifications after the network partnered with Purchase Direct, its procurement and cost-reduction support. Fix Auto UK’s Operations Director Mark Hutchins (centre), Earle Avann, Group Commercial Director (second left) and Fix Auto Henley-on-Thames’s Bodyshop Manager Gary Morris receive the nine certificates from Kaysie Renshaw, Fix Auto UK’s Account Manager, and Joanne Hopkinson, Project Manager, Energy Services of Purchase Direct.

Notes to Editors:
· Fix Auto UK is part of a global franchised network of more than 786 bodyshops.
· Fix Auto UK carries out more than 150,000 body repairs per year for leading motor insurance companies, fleets, and retail customers.
· Fix Auto UK, Lyndale House, Harcourt Way, Meridian Business Park, Leicester, LE19 1WL. Tel: 0116 3265401.
· Fix Auto UK’s Portfolio of wholly owned repair centres comprises Fix Auto Daventry, Fix Auto Colwyn Bay, Fix Auto Barnsley, Fix Auto Crawley, Fix Auto Paignton, Fix Auto Liverpool South, Fix Auto Castleford, Fix Auto Newport and Fix Auto Henley-on-Thames. The Network also holds a majority share in Fix Auto Goole and Fix Auto Cheltenham.
Please Note: For further information please contact Mark Richards on 07774 861596. Email: mrichards@fixauto.co.uk