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The Fix Auto Brand

Investment in the Fix Auto brand is a major part of our commitment to our franchisees.

As the only global bodyshop brand, Fix Auto has a reach covering nine countries currently – UK, Canada, USA, France, Turkey, Australia, South Africa, China and Germany and continues to build on high standards of quality, ethics and performance across the world.

The Fix Auto brand has a strong reputation in the UK accident repair market and is synonymous with high quality repairs, fantastic customer service, low cycle times and cost control.

By adopting the Fix Auto brand, you gain the opportunity to leverage the power of being part of a national repair network. Put simply, your business benefits directly from every award win, every expansion, every positive news story and every great piece of customer feedback that occurs under the Fix Auto brand name, no matter which franchisee receives it.


  • Maintain the largest fully branded network in the UK
  • Promote and maintain a strong brand that builds great reputation and trust in the market
  • Work together with insurer clients to deliver consistently-managed repairs to our bodyshops across the country

Provide operational support to increase efficiency and profitability in every Fix Auto bodyshop