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Fleet Repairs

We recognize the pressures faced by businesses and fleet managers to reduce the time that vehicles are off the road following accidents or for routine maintenance.

We are therefore committed to repairing your vehicles in a timely and efficient manner with the minimum level of inconvenience and delays to your business.

We offer a professional and comprehensive service in the handling of repairs to your fleet, recovery of vehicles and more importantly keeping your employees and clients on the road following a collision.

We manage both fault and non-fault claims to offer a complete fleet management service to our clients.

We liase with the relevant insurance company and insurance brokers to bring each claim to a speedy and efficient solution and your vehicles back on the road at the earliest opportunity.

Our service is designed to be flexible to each business and their individual requirements. Your dedicated account manager will ensure that the service you receive is both reliable and inline with your expectations.

Fleet Repairs

We understand that fleet companies require a speedy transition between the time vehicle is damaged to the time the vehicle is back on the road.

We have developed an express repair process for fleet customers ensuring that your vehicles are back in your possession earning you money in the shortest possible time.

End of Lease

We also run an end of lease repair program where we can inspect the vehicles to make sure you don't get hit with extortionate end of lease charges by your lease company.

Fleet Maintenance

We have all the facilities in place to full maintain your fleet at a fraction of the cost of a main dealer. We operate within Bloc exemption 2003 guidelines, which dictate that we operate with the service procedures laid down by the manufactures and supply dealer parts or recognised parts only. By doing this all warranties on our customer vehicles are unaffected.

Self Insure

Understanding that many companies self-insure we can create a bespoke repair process for you to keep your vehicle repairs costs down to a minimum.

With over 25 years of experience in mastering prestige car body repairs, you can enjoy complete peace of mind. Fix Auto Stevenage provides you with a complete service from start to finish, if you have been involved in an accident and need repairs or want to refresh your cars paint work from general wear and tear, Fix Auto Stevenage will ensure your car is repaired to the highest standard.

Fix Auto Stevenage
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