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Absolutely. (Entered by customer via UpdatePlus)
Mar 4 2019 2:27PM 2017 Hyundai $ 3,909.44
Deborah from DENVER
Definitely! (Entered by customer via UpdatePlus)
Feb 28 2019 5:41PM 2018 Honda $ 1,628.17
Auto Hail and Dent Center from
Amazing staff and service! (Entered by customer via UpdatePlus)
Jan 27 2019 1:14PM Dan Stander 2018 Other $ 180.00
Rene from DENVER
Absolutely (Entered by customer via UpdatePlus)
Aug 25 2018 1:13PM Melvin Bates 2007 Honda $ 3,978.26
Larry from ENGLEWOOD
I always send everyone I know to them. (Entered by customer via UpdatePlus)
Aug 4 2018 1:42PM Dan Stander 2015 Subaru $ 6,719.35
Donald from LITTLETON
Had two great experiences on prior repairs. Customer Service was terrible this time. No consideration for the customer. No sense of urgency. If my insurance company is causing delays I need to know to intervene. Not listen to all the excuses about why you canâ??t get my vehicle finished in a reasonable timeframe. 7.5 weekâ??s is a long time. (Entered by customer via UpdatePlus)
Jul 23 2018 8:53PM Melvin Bates 2017 Chevrolet $ 10,827.32
They do great work (Entered by customer via UpdatePlus)
Jul 5 2018 5:17PM Melvin Bates 2014 Honda $ 4,139.03
Scott from LITTLETON
I think more could have been done to get Legacy insurance to cooperate. (Entered by customer via UpdatePlus)
May 25 2018 10:28AM 2014 Toyota $ 4,754.83
Jessica from DENVER
It took a while to get in for my appointment but they did a good job.
Apr 19 2017 7:10AM 2010 Honda $ 1,599.29
I'm happy with the repairs. I'm not happy with the amount of time it took nor the paper mixup with regard to how much we owed you.
Apr 19 2017 7:08AM Melvin Bates 2016 Honda $ 6,278.16
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