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First class operation! (Entered by customer via UpdatePlus)
May 19 2020 3:47PM 2006 Toyota $ 3,426.50
SK Life Science Inc from
They not only did excellent work but prices were reasonable and they were willing to go out their way. (Entered by customer via UpdatePlus)
May 7 2020 6:27PM 2019 Nissan $ 1,495.87
Roberta from
I would recommend this facility to anybody (Entered by customer via UpdatePlus)
May 5 2020 4:49PM 1999 Ford $ 1,831.37
JOAN from
Definitely recommend. (Entered by customer via UpdatePlus)
Apr 27 2020 8:19PM Dan Stander 2012 Honda $ 6,730.05
Already have given your name to others (Entered by customer via UpdatePlus)
Apr 17 2020 6:08PM Valerie Branham 2018 Jeep $ 3,889.17
Michelle from
The body shops we have used in the past were able to repair the damage in far shorter a time than FixIt. Our previous damages were more severe than this time. We did not understand why we had to give our car to FixIt in order for them to assess the damage then they kept the car for weeks before they could get to fixing it. We don’t mind waiting but we did not have a car that whole time. We have never experienced this kind of system previously. (Entered by customer via UpdatePlus)
Apr 13 2020 7:13PM 2013 Nissan $ 3,771.33
I have used them to other times. And I have recommended the company to most of my contacts (Entered by customer via UpdatePlus)
Apr 13 2020 6:42PM Valerie Branham 2008 BMW $ 347.50
The cleaning was a great value add and overall I’m satisfied with the repair but the previous issues keep me from highly recommending the shop. (Entered by customer via UpdatePlus)
Apr 9 2020 2:30PM Valerie Branham 2013 Toyota $ 3,487.78
Patricia from LITTLETON
My car was repaired so well that it was impossible to tell between the repair and not repaired (Entered by customer via UpdatePlus)
Apr 7 2020 1:20AM 2010 GMC $ 2,782.61
The team at FIX Auto went above and beyond to help me get my vehicle repaired and back to me. I will definitely recommend to anyone I know. (Entered by customer via UpdatePlus)
Apr 6 2020 6:23PM Valerie Branham 2016 Honda $ 1,828.20
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