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Winter Checks

Your vehicle faces its toughest times throughout the winter period. Certain vehicle components are strained through the wet and cold, and therefore should be checked regularly to ensure maximum efficiency!

Fix Auto Dagenham can offer you an exclusive winter checks package for just £39.99. This will include:

  • Tyre depth check (free air refill)
  • Battery condition test
  • Coolant/anti-freeze top up
  • Windscreen and wiper inspection
  • Lighting inspection
  • Screen wash top up
  • Heater full operation check
  • Road test (optional)


You will also receive a Fix Auto Dagenham winter gift bag, with some car winter essentials to keep you on the go!


Frequently Asked Questions

If a problem is found with my vehicle, what are my options?

We will always complete all checks first before advising you of any problems. Once the checks have been completed, the estimators are handed a sheet by our technician. We will then contact you to advise of areas we feel need replacement or repair. If you do not want to go ahead that is fine, however, if you are happy with our pricing we can get on with it straight away whilst your car is already in with us.

What are the benefits to having winter checks done?

It ensures the highest level of safety for you and your vehicle on the deteriorating road conditions during winter. It also keeps repair and replacement costs down whilst keeping problems off the road, rather than on it. Having an experienced technician look over your vehicle means they know where to check more thorough on your vehicle, the accuracy rate is a lot higher, giving you peace of mind.

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