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Air Conditioning Service

Fix Auto Dagenham can offer your vehicle a full air conditioning service from just £69.

We use the latest technology and most up to date equipment to carry out the best possible service.

Due to the natural leakage of the gas in your air conditioning system, most manufacturers will recommend having it checked and serviced at least every 2 years.

This is to ensure the system is operating in the most efficient way possible, and only producing clean and healthy air.

Bacteria can build up in the system, and be circulated into your vehicle when the air con is used. Having your vehicle serviced can avoid this, and produce much cooler air in the system.

The Process

  • First we run the gas around your air con system to check the pressure, if your system doesn’t lose any, then there is no leak.
  • If this is the case, we re-fill and service your air con system with the correct gas type for your vehicle.
  • If the system loses pressure, we then know your system has a leak.
  • We are then able to diagnose and determine where the leak is coming from.
  • A UV dye is inserted into your air-con system and then once it has made its way around, a UV light is reflected off of all components in the system to show where the leak is coming from.

Please be aware there is a base charge on your vehicle of £69. However, what we are able to do for this price is determine and tell you where the leak is coming from.

We have to carry out the re-gas process to know where the leak is coming from and this is why there is a charge.

If you choose to repair your leak with us, we can include the price of the re-gas in the repair costs.




How Do I Find Out What Type of Gas My Car Uses?

Manufacturers leave stickers on the sump panel or underneath the bonnet with your gas type. If you can’t find it, don’t panic, we have direct contacts with all manufacturers, and can find out for you in a matter of minutes.

Why Does a Hybrid Cost More to Service?

Hybrid air con systems are not run by a drive belt like a normal engine. They use electric motors and therefore the correct voltage must run through the system. This is controlled by specialised oils, which must be added when a service is carried out.

How Long Does a Service Take?

The whole process should take just under an hour to carry out and can be done whilst you sit and wait. This time counts for the re-gas and to detect where a leak is coming from if there is one. Leak repair times will be determined on the day and will take longer than an hour.

How Much Will a Repair Cost?

This purely depends on your vehicle make and model, parts prices are different for all types, and therefore means that the repair costs also differ. Don’t worry, we will never go ahead with repairs without your authorisation, and will always advise of the cost before proceeding.

If you need an air-con service today, call our award winning team on 0208 592 6111 and get yourself booked in!

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