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Car Air Conditioning Service in Dagenham


Just £29.99 for a Check and Refresh
(anti bacterial clean)

Only £69.99 for a full Air Conditioning Service

Fix Auto Dagenham operate specialised equipment to enable us to service and repair your car's air conditioning system.

Due to the natural leakage of the gas in your vehicle’s air conditioning system, you should consider having your air conditioning serviced at least every 2 years to ensure the system is operating efficiently and effectively.

By having your car air conditioning serviced, you benefit from much cooler air conditioning, and help to avoid nasty bacteria that builds up in the system and circulates around your vehicle.

We offer two types of service – anti bacterial clean (£29.99) or a full air conditioning service (£69.99), and can also repair any leaks or mechanical issues found in your system.

* Only one discount per customer, to a maximum total discount of £50. Discount offer expires 30 September 2015.


Frequently Asked Questions.

What is an air conditioning recharge?


A car air conditioning system will lose approximately 10% of its refrigerant every year, on average. Recharging the air con means replacing this lost refrigerant. It's sometimes known as an air con 'regas'.

What's included in the price for a full Car Air Conditioning Service?

With Fix Auto Dagenham’s car air conditioning service, you get:

  • A recharge of air conditioning refrigerant according to your manufacturer’s recommended level
  • Replenishment of air conditioning system oil
  • A three-point check covering leaks, system performance and temperature
  • Removal of excess moisture and air from system, plus recovery of refrigerant
Does the air conditioning service include any repair work?

No. our technicians will be able to identify if these exist, but if your system needs to have anything repaired or replaced, we will notify you, along with a cost for carrying out the work. If you are in agreement, we can carry out this remedial work for you.

What does anti-bacterial air conditioning cleaning do?

Our anti-bacterial process costs just £29.99 and uses a special solution to eliminate 99% of bacteria that builds up in the system and its vents.

Why do I need to have my air conditioning anti-bacterial cleansed?

Bacteria in car air conditioning systems can cause unpleasant smells when the system is on. Our clean will kill the bacteria, leaving your air conditioning smelling clean and fresh.

In addition, an unclean air conditioning system can circulate germs around your car, which can be the cause of coughs and colds. Our anti-bacterial cleanse will help to get rid of these germs.


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