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SAN DIEGO, CA — Fix Auto USA has announced its 100th franchise location, marking a milestone in the growth of the independent, owner-operated collision repair brand.

Fix Auto launched its franchise model in 2011 in response to a collision repair landscape increasingly dominated by regional and national consolidators, and insurance carriers looking for a turnkey vehicle claims processing solution. Fix Auto’s franchise concept answered the challenge, allowing its high-performing locations to compete and thrive in the MSO market segment. Just as importantly, this achievement has been attained without forfeiting the facility’s established ownership and identity, and connection to local markets.

“Reaching this moment in our brand’s history in a wildly competitive market is cause for celebration,” said Fix Auto President and COO Paul Gange. “The entire Fix Auto Family played a role in this accomplishment and should be acknowledged for delivering the unmatched value proposition our insurance partners and vehicle owner customers see and appreciate every day—industry leading performance, concierge-level service, productive industry and community relationships—to name just a few.”

The rapid expansion of the Fix Auto Brand is indicative of the commitment the network has made to expand purposefully and selectively in new and existing markets, a strategy it will continue to follow.

“There’s no question that the Brand continues to gain traction because we extend invitations only to operators who exhibit market-leading performance and are driven, passionate, and committed to their businesses,” stated Fix Auto Vice President of Network Development and Marketing Armin Price. “Maintaining this philosophy as we move forward will reinforce our already strong core of independent operators and position us for success in 2016 and beyond.”


About Fix Auto: Based in San Diego, California, Fix Auto USA provides a platform which enables independent owner-operated collision repair facilities to achieve success in a consolidating marketplace. Fix Auto members benefit from a trusted brand, multi-level insurance representation, leading edge technology, centrally managed claims processes, and pooled purchasing power, all combined to ensure consistent performance and greater profitability. For more information about Fix Auto, go to www.fixautousa.com