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SUSAN from
already referred my son (Entered by customer via UpdatePlus)
Oct 6 2018 12:22PM 2013 Toyota $ 1,019.08
Anesa from PORTLAND
Derek is rude and has poor customer services skills. (Entered by customer via UpdatePlus)
Oct 2 2018 2:06PM Tim Owens 2017 Honda $ 3,222.05
Too expansive (Entered by customer via UpdatePlus)
Sep 28 2018 2:56PM Tim Owens 2010 Scion $ 2,249.09
Jason from PORTLAND
I would recommend but give them a heads up with with the issues I faced (Entered by customer via UpdatePlus)
Sep 27 2018 10:54AM Tim Owens 2018 Toyota $ 1,057.52
Jocelyn from PORTLAND
Definitely will refer to friends they did a wonderful job on my car (Entered by customer via UpdatePlus)
Sep 20 2018 9:31PM Tim Owens 2015 Toyota $ 3,367.79
I know progressive is a little harder to deal with I sensed some reluctance and a few phone yahs happening but they eventually squared things away. (Entered by customer via UpdatePlus)
Sep 15 2018 11:48AM Luis Diaz 2013 Honda $ 3,939.17
Luise was great (Entered by customer via UpdatePlus)
Sep 7 2018 3:51PM Luis Diaz 2010 Subaru $ 2,127.38
Janice from BEAVERTON
In addition to misjudging the time to do the repair they said they would check out the auto locking mechanism on my door and they didnâ??t (Entered by customer via UpdatePlus)
Sep 5 2018 3:18PM Rebecca Matheny 2007 Chrysler $ 1,747.75
IDOWU from
Surely (Entered by customer via UpdatePlus)
Aug 27 2018 3:44PM Rebecca Matheny 2015 Toyota $ 2,614.83
Shelley from BEAVERTON
I had the blue Chevy understand why right. (Entered by customer via UpdatePlus)
Jul 27 2018 4:27PM Rebecca Matheny 2005 Chevrolet $ 1,213.00
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