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Fix Auto Lake Hood is an expert in car body repair and collision repair for all types of vehicles. Our body shop in Anchorage guarantees your cars body repair for life. Being part of Fix Auto's international network of body shops, we have established a reputation respected by many insurers. If you are from Anchorage or elsewhere, call or visit our collision centre in Anchorage for a free estimate on any accident repair or auto body repair.

Fix Auto Gambell
802 Gambell
Anchorage, Alaska
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Fix Auto Gambell has built a solid reputation in accident repair, consistently keeping pace with an ever changing industry. Although the company has grown in size and joins an international network, it still maintains a family atmosphere and we are proud of our simplified claims process with your insurer, our quality commitment and our Fix Auto guarantee all combine to ensure your peace of mind.

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Brian from ANCHORAGE said:
"Your shop always does an excellent job that’s why I keep on coming back you can’t tell that the work has been done after they do it I’ve gone to other body shops and they’re cheaper but the work isn’t as high-quality as your shop is thank you (Entered by customer via UpdatePlus) "
Oct 5 2021 8:24AM
2014 Ford
$ 1,808.82