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Know Your Rights

Nobody plans on having an accident, and in our experience, we can see that many of our customers are unprepared, or uneducated about their rights. Everyone’s insurance policy differs, but it is important to understand the basics of the Insurance Act and what to do. The most important thing to know is be calm, assess your situation, and gather as much information possible to report to your insurance company.

In Ontario, your insurance is regulated by Financial Service Commission of Ontario, their information can be found here;

But what to do when you need to bring your car to a repair facility? Here is an excerpt from FSCO

Getting Your Vehicle Repaired

Selecting a Repair Shop

As long as your insurance company approves the estimate, you may have your vehicle repaired at the repair shop of your choice.

Your insurance company may suggest you bring your vehicle to one of their "preferred" body shops. You may find using one of their "preferred" shops easier, because it puts the onus on your insurance company to make sure that the work is done satisfactorily.

Fix Auto Mississauga East is Preferred with over 25 insurance partners, and have also worked with many others. Working with your car and your policy, we can return your vehicle to pre-accident condition without much hassle or inconvenience.

It is your insurance company's obligation to return your vehicle to its pre-accident/loss condition.

As stated in your insurance policy, your insurance company has the right to repair, rebuild, or replace any damaged parts with other parts "of like kind and quality." This means that if you damage the front fender of your five-year-old vehicle, your insurer can replace the damaged fender with a used one of like kind and quality as the original.

If your vehicle is less than a year old, your insurance company will likely use new Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts to replace any damaged parts.

For more information regarding your specific situation, speak to the claims adjuster handling your file.

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