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Environmental Action

At Fix Auto Mississauga East, “going green” isn’t only a buzz-word. It’s a series of positive actions we have taken to clean up our industry and environment by being a leader in green initiatives.

Many of these steps are as simple as maintaining a modern and healthy building for our employees and work. In 2011 Fix Auto Mississauga East completed an extensive overhaul of the  roof. Repairing and resealing the flat roof was also coupled with the installation of sky-lights. This helps to better control our building temperature and energy costs, as well as adding much needed light inside to benefit of our workers. Speaking of “Bright” ideas; every light bulb at Fix Auto Mississauga East inside the office and shop has been upgraded to brighter, higher efficiency light-bulbs.

Auto Body repair can be an industry that uses a lot of raw materials, and produces much waste. A thorough recycling program has been put in place to handle and properly recycle of all our scrap steel and metals, old bumpers and plastics, as well as packaging from the new parts we put on your vehicle.

The single biggest step towards our “going green” initiative has been the 100% switch to a Waterborne paint system. Gone are the days of dangerous solvent and enamel paints with high V.O.C’s. Fix Auto Mississauga East’s entire paint system is eco-friendly Waterborne paint, resulting  in over 500L of the “old” stuff being recycled at our local Hazardous Waste facility to the delight of Mother Earth.

As further technology and opportunity allows we will make changes to grow our environmental practices. Have a Hybrid vehicle? Fix Auto Mississauga East is also trained specifically to work on all Hybrid makes and models.

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