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87.9% of the consumers said they would recommend FIX AUTO to their friends and family.

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Suzanne from PORTLAND
Absolutely (Entered by customer via UpdatePlus)
Sep 25 2018 6:05PM Dan Whitaker 2010 Kia $ 735.50
Chris from FAIRVIEW
Although Gresham FIX was not part of my insurance companyĆ¢??s repair program I was referred by a friend who had a good experience. I will be recommending Gresham FIX to anyone who needs auto body repairs. (Entered by customer via UpdatePlus)
Sep 18 2018 6:09PM Dan Whitaker 2016 Subaru $ 4,650.43
Donnielle from PORTLAND
perfect (Entered by customer via UpdatePlus)
Sep 14 2018 2:51PM 2015 Toyota $ 1,997.14
William from DAMASCUS
Still waiting for part to repair from 12 mo. ago. (Entered by customer via UpdatePlus)
Sep 10 2018 3:30PM 2017 Kia $ 4,524.27
I cannot tell you how extemely impressed I was! (Entered by customer via UpdatePlus)
Aug 7 2018 1:06AM Gigi Berinde 2018 Toyota $ 1,188.89
Dana & Stephen from PORTLAND
We have been to Fix Auto before. The customer service and quality are top notch! I would absolutely recommend Fix to my family and friends! (Entered by customer via UpdatePlus)
Jul 24 2018 10:26AM Dan Whitaker 2014 Dodge $ 4,959.54
Sylva from PORTLAND
They took pride in what they did. It looked like a car right off the lot.
Apr 21 2017 2:23PM Dan Whitaker 2017 Subaru $ 4,550.88
The work was great. The timing was great. They were nice people and good to work with.
Apr 21 2017 2:21PM 2012 Lexus $ 2,862.25
This is the second time I've been there.You guys are great and I really appreciate the work.
Apr 20 2017 11:44AM 2015 Nissan $ 1,144.33
Daniel from EAGLE CREEK
You had the car rental and everything right there.
Apr 19 2017 2:32PM Dan Whitaker 2009 Lexus $ 1,042.58
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