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Accidents involving wild game animals are not uncommon on German roads. Especially in the weeks around the changing of the clocks in spring and autumn, there can be more encounters with deer, boar and others. Vehicles are on the road at a different time of day and under different lighting conditions. The risk is particularly high at dawn and dusk, but drivers should also pay more attention to animals crossing or at the edge of the road at night. This is especially true when you drive on country roads, through forests or alongside fields. As repair specialists, we at Fix Auto Erlangen know what damage can result from accidents involving game animals.

Photo: Unsplash/Steven Coffey

Avoid accidents involving game

  • High beam off!
    If you see a game animal on the road, switch off the high beam, otherwise the animal will stop in the beam of light. Brake in a controlled manner and sound the horn so that the animals can find an escape route.
  • Don’t flash your lights!
    This irritates the game and can lead to it stopping in the middle of the road.
  • Watch out for following traffic
    When braking because of a deer crossing, be sure to also pay attention to the traffic behind you.
  • Observe the edges of the road
    When driving, pay particular attention to the roadsides. Even animals that appear to be stationary could jump onto the road at any time.
  • Deers rarely come alone
    Expect latecomers.
  • Drive with foresight
    When driving through areas abundant with game, you should consider factors such as the time of year and day, road and visibility conditions in your driving style from the outset. This also includes leaving sufficient distance from the vehicle in front if the latter has to brake hard because of game.
  • Stay on track
    If a collision is unavoidable, try to keep in your lane. Suddenly jerking the steering wheel can lead to more serious accidents than colliding with the animal.

Correct behavior after a game accident

  • Keep calm and secure the scene of the accident
    After a collision, switch on the hazard warning lights, put on a safety vest and secure the scene of the accident, even if the animal has run away.
  • First aid for the injured
    If someone has been injured, call 112 and provide first aid.
  • Report the accident
    Report the accident to the police and / or the hunting tenant immediately. Ask the latter to issue you a
  • Documentation
    Insist that the damage is fully recorded, especially if the animal has been injured and has fled. Record all damage photographically.
  • Claims settlement
    The damage to the vehicle can be regulated with an existing partial or fully comprehensive insurance.
  • Repair process
    Accidents caused by game often lead to major damage that extends into the structure of the vehicle. Trust in the experience of an established specialist repair company and feel free to contact us.

Trust in years of experience
Fix Auto Erlangen is your contact after any game damage. Our bodywork and paint professionals take care of the repairs of your vehicle reliably and quickly. In addition, we will be happy to provide you with a replacement car for the duration of the repair. The typical work that we carry out in connection with accidents involving game includes preparing a complete estimate for your insurance, body and wheel alignment and, if necessary, corresponding body work on the vehicle structure. If only the outer skin of your vehicle was damaged, our specialists decide on a case-by-case basis whether the parts can be straightened or should be replaced. Carrying out the final painting work will restore your vehicle to its former shine.


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