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Wheel Alignment, Tire Installation & Rim Repair

Wheel Alignment Services

The highly trained, professional technicians at Fix Auto in Chilliwack East fully understand the importance of ensuring that your car's wheels are properly aligned. With the help of the latest state-of-the-art wheel alignment machines, our team is able to adjust the angles of your car's wheels in order to ensure that your car drives straight. Wheels that are properly aligned can help reduce driver fatigue, facilitate even tire wear, and improve your car's gas mileage by reducing rolling resistance. As Chilliwack East's most trusted automotive professionals for wheel alignment, we strongly recommend that you have your car's alignment checked or corrected at least once a year or as soon as you notice a change in the way your car drives.


Tire Installation Services

Worn out tires can cause a potential risk for you and other drivers, as they are not performing to the best of their ability. If you think that your tires are worn out or are not performing as they should, the professional team at Chilliwack East's Fix Auto can help. Our team will conduct a thorough inspection of your car and driving needs to make sure that you are getting the best set of tires for your specific needs. Our team can even help you install your new tires once you have purchased them, so that you will never to worry about whether or not they were installed correctly.


Wheel Rim Repairs

One miscalculation when pulling around a corner or when entering a parking stall is all it takes to cause damage to your wheel rims. At Fix Auto in Chilliwack East, we know that replacing all your wheel rims can be an expensive venture. That is why we our proud to offer wheel rim repair services to all of our Chilliwack East customers. Our highly trained and skilled technicians have the knowledge and knowhow to repair damage to your wheel rims, restoring them to a showroom-like quality. Our Chilliwack East wheel rim repair services include repairing rims with clear coat peeling and corrosion, rims bent or cracked by potholes, and rims with curb damage (scuffs, scratches, etc.).


Wheel Alignment, Rim Repairs & Tire Installation Services from Fix Auto

At Fix Auto in Chilliwack East, we specialize in wheel alignment, tire installation, and wheel rim repair services, and we offer our services 12 months a year. Visit Fix Auto in Chilliwack East, so we can help ensure that you car's wheels are prepared to handle even the toughest Canadian weather.


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