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Windshield Replacement

Living in a large city such as Calgary, where the main method of transportation for most people is your car or truck, and the potential for minor — and sometimes not so minor — mishaps is all too real. This major city’s infrastructure is set up so that traveling by one’s own vehicle is the most efficient means of traversing the city at any given time. With the large number of vehicles out on the road, there also comes the possibility of damage to your car or truck and, however minor, this can cause stress in your daily life. Driving on the local roads and highways around Calgary and even when traveling at the speed limit, the chance of stray rocks and debris from sanding trucks and other cars can easily break free and land on your windshield. Also, if there is road construction, the possibility of a wheel kicking back any rocks or pebbles can just as easily hit your windshield and leave a hairline crack. It is easy to see such a small crack, divot or pock mark and think it is trivial and that you can let it go indefinitely. However, these small cracks eventually — and likely sooner than you imagine — can turn into full-scale cracks that may spider web across your entire windshield at an inopportune time such as when you are driving on one of the city’s major thoroughfares at rush hour. If this happens and you experience impaired visibility due to the windshield damage you can contact us for a quote on a premium windshield. Instead of living with a broken windshield and taking such an unnecessary risk, you can come in and see Fix Auto Calgary Airport for your windshield replacement so that you can drive safely, without the looming worry over potential future risk of further damage or any possible danger. No matter what type of vehicle you drive; whether a luxury car, a family mini-van, an SUV or an old pick-up truck, you can expect speedy, efficient and thorough service.

Most windshields cost $250 or less! Don’t be fooled by glass companies giving deep discounts and still costing more than $250. Some windshields are more costly if they have special features like rain sensors and heated glass. Get a quote and we promise you a great deal and great service.


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