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Dent Removal

Fix Auto Calgary Airport offers paintless dent repair and professional dent repair and painting for those dents that are beyond the ability of our paintless dent repair technicians.
Paintless dent repair is also referred to as paintless dent removal, and is any technique or collection of techniques for fixing minor dents and dings on a vehicle’s body that do not require repainting.

With paintless dent repair, our skilled technicians use special tools, materials, and techniques to reach behind and push a dent or pull it from the outside (or both) to “pop it out” or massage the metal back to its original form. As long as the paint isn’t cracked, it returns to its original shape, as well… no painting required.

Paintless dent repair is pretty amazing, but it can’t fix everything. If the metal is creased or stretched out, the paint is damaged or really old, or the same part of the car has been repaired before, paintless dent repair may not be the ideal solution. If Reborn Auto Body’s professional appraisers see that your vehicle’s metal is creased, or the paint is damaged they will recommend the use of other professional techniques to remove the damage. We remove the dent and then take your car into our paint booth for final computerized paint matching and finishing. To be a candidate for affordable paintless dent repair, the damage must meet all of the following conditions:

The paint is in good condition.

The vehicle is a 1990 or later model (modern paint tends to be more flexible).

The dent is not near the edge of a panel or on a sharp body line.

The metal isn’t stretched out.

The dented panel has not been repaired or painted previously.

Tip: Paintless dent repair is perfect for hail damage. Many insurance companies are often willing to cover the cost of these repairs and Reborn Auto Body can perform these repairs and bill your insurance company directly.


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