The customer promise

The simplicity of one-stop shopping

An automobile collision is a big disruption in your daily life. Everybody values continuity and keeping things moving along smoothly.

Fix Auto understands this, which is why we offer the convenience of one-stop shopping.

Fix Auto not only handles your vehicle repair, but also the processing of your claim. Our experts deal with insurance companies every day and are very experienced in their processes. That means no unnecessary delays. One-stop convenience simply gets your vehicle back to you faster.

National Limited Lifetime Warranty

Fix Network offers a National Limited Lifetime Warranty covering labor and paint materials. The warranty on replaced parts is limited to the warranty provided by the supplier or manufacturer of said part. Damage caused by normal aging of the vehicle, rust or flaking paint caused by rocks, other collision or impact is excluded from this guarantee.

To be eligible for warranty coverage, your claim must be accompanied by the repair invoice and the warranty document that was given to you when your vehicle was delivered. For a warranty claim to be administered by a repair center other than the one that repaired the vehicle or in case of dispute, contact us at

All in the details

Some people see a body shop repair as nothing more than a part replacement. We beg to differ.

Fix Auto’s professionalism can be seen in our attention to the smallest detail. We will look after you from start to finish. We listen, we care, we follow up. Everything we do is aimed at eliminating worries… and surprises!

The bottom line is: nobody wants to face a car repair, but it can be made as painless as possible. That’s the Fix Auto goal. And because all our shops are structured the same, you’ll be in good hands wherever you see the Fix Auto sign.