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Franchisee Standards

New and Renewing Franchisee Standards

Mondofix requires, as a condition of its approval of new and renewing franchisees operating within the Fix Auto brand, that the new or renewing franchisee meet certain standards and criteria. We are taking this opportunity to highlight the standards and criteria.  

The standards and criteria that new and renewing franchisees (each a “Franchisee”) must meet to Mondofix’s satisfaction include the following:


  1. The Franchisee shall have good character and demonstrate candor in its dealings and communications with Mondofix.
  2. The Franchisee shall have sufficient business experience, funding and access to credit as necessary to begin and/or continue operating the franchise business in accordance with high standards of quality and service.  Mondofix may require that the Franchisee submit application materials, including documents relating to the Franchisee’s business background, financials statements and other documents.

Brand Custodian

  1. The Franchisee shall demonstrate that:  
    1. it can operate the franchise business to high standards under the Fix Auto brand, including in accordance with any and all brand standards established by Mondofix, and will use good-faith endeavours to promote the Fix Auto brand in the Franchisee’s territory, including to subfranchisees and prospective subfranchisees (as applicable), customers, insurers and suppliers.
    2. it can represent the brand consistent with Mondofix’s global strategy, and ensure that the brand’s values are upheld.
  2. The Franchisee, including its officers, directors, owners, affiliates and subsidiaries, must not have engaged in any activity or practice which may reasonably be anticipated to result in public criticism of Mondofix or the Fix Auto brand or network or otherwise adversely affect the reputation of the Fix Auto network or the goodwill in the Fix Auto brand.


  1. Neither the Franchisee, nor any of its directors, officers, owners or affiliates may, directly or indirectly, be engaged or have an interest in a competitive business. Competitive business means any business whose activities consist of, in whole or in part, other than pursuant to a franchise agreement with Mondofix:
    1. the operation of an automotive collision repair center; or
    2. the operation or development (e.g., through subfranchising or sublicensing) of a franchise system, automotive aftermarket marketing banner, or branded chain whose concept relates to the auto collision or auto aftermarket industries.
  2. The Franchisee shall demonstrate that its operation of the franchise business will not cause, or be likely to cause, directly or indirectly, the disclosure of confidential information regarding Mondofix or its business, to any unauthorized third party.

The Fix Auto Commitment

  1. The Franchisee shall demonstrate that it, and its subfranchisees (if applicable), will abide by the Fix Auto commitment to deliver a high degree of customer satisfaction through superior workmanship and service, fully adhere to all applicable laws and legislation, and respect the integrity of the international Fix Auto network.

Mondofix has the sole discretion (subject to limitations imposed by law) to approve each new and renewing Franchisee based on these standards and criteria.