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Statement by Mondofix Inc. on Fix Auto USA’s acquisition by Driven Brands

Montreal (Quebec), April 22, 2020 – Mondofix Inc., (Fix Network World) the owner of the Fix Auto trademark and design in the United States and globally, was disappointed and alarmed to read the announcement on April 21, 2020 that Driven Brands has acquired Fix Auto USA (FUSA), and that FUSA intends to retain the use of the Fix Auto brand in the United States post-acquisition.

Steve Leal, President and CEO of Fix Network said: “We were not aware of this transaction nor did we consent to any transaction between Driven Brands and FUSA, as is required under the license agreement with FUSA’s parent company. As such, we will pursue all legal avenues open to us to protect our lawful position as the owner of the Fix Auto trademark and design in the United States.”




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Maliha Aqeel
Director of Global Communications
Fix Network