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Proven Rust Prevention
from Fix Auto Bradford

Our technicians apply Oil Gard to 10 areas
where your vehicle needs it most!

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Motorists have been rust-proofing their
vehicles with Oil Gard for 36 years

Oil Gard’s rust prevention formulas are road-
tested against Ontario winters – by hundreds of
thousands of vehicle owners.


  • Expert application by trained and supervised technicians
  • Effectively applied YEAR-ROUND –
    in any weather!
  • Exclusive formula combines rust inhibitors with petroleum-based
    solids – no wax!
  • High-pressure fogged coating penetrates rapidly and sets quickly – no mess!
  • Formula 2 creates an air-tight moisture barrier, penetrating seams and crevices

Apply Oil Gard Formula 2 every year
for maximum protection

Proven Rust Protection
Since 1976


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